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The Vision Zero Fund – Shared Responsibility for Safer Supply Chains

The  responsibility for addressing the most entrenched and persistent occupational safety and health deficits in global supply chains is a shared one. The duty to act should not be placed on companies or governments alone.

The Vision Zero Fund (VZF) brings together governments, employers’ and workers’ organizations, companies, and other stakeholders to jointly advance towards the vision of achieving zero severe and fatal work-related accidents, injuries and diseases in global supply chains.

VZF works at global, country and workplace levels, seeking to strengthen the worldwide enabling environment for safe and healthy working conditions; improve national legal and policy frameworks; and implement more effective prevention, protection and compensation mechanisms for women and men working in targeted supply chains, in particular in the world’s least developed countries. Currently, VZF operates in eight countries and in two  supply chains: garment and agriculture.

VZF is an initiative of the G7, endorsed by the G20. Donors include the European Commission, France, Germany, Norway, Sweden, United Kingdom and the United States. In 2017, Siemens became the first private sector donor to join the Fund. It is administered and implemented by the International Labour Organization.

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