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Towards a new and safer normal (II)

The Global Vision Zero Business Council and the International ORP Foundation are pleased to organise two additional webinars about “Vision Zero in times of Covid-19” in cooperation with prestigious Vision Zero partner organizations in Asia and the Pacific.

The two webinars “Towards a New and Safer Normal” focus on topics of strategic importance not only for the safe return to work of millions of people but also for ensuring higher levels of safety, health and wellbeing in a post-Covid-19 world.

The second webinar on 30 June 2020 will address both physical and mental health challenges caused by the pandemic and discuss smart ways to promote safe and healthy behavior.

Each topic will be introduced by senior OSH-Managers from international Vision Zero companies and debated with high-level experts from Asia and the Pacific in a round table format. The audience is invited to actively contribute to the discussions via the Zoom platform.

Presentations by Council members

Manage Damage

OSHC – Hong Kong




Tsubaki Nakashima



See de detailed program of the webinar.

The webinar

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