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Covid-19: The Seven Golden Rules applied to an infectious disease at the workplace

In times of Corona, Vision Zero companies and Partners all over the world are now taking measures linked to the Seven Golden Rules. The rules do not only apply to occupational safety, but also to occupational health. This short article describes how the 7 Golden rules are relevant to the risk of a Corona infection at work.

  1. Take leadership – demonstrate commitment
  2. Identify hazards – control risks
  3. Define targets – develop programmes
  4. Ensure a safe and healthy system –be well-organized
  5. Ensure safety and health in machines, equipment and workplaces
  6. Improve qualifications – develop competence
  7. Invest in people – motivate by participation

As a Vision Zero supporter, you do not want your company or organisation to be the breeding ground for virus infections.

  • As a responsible employer, you wish to take the right preventative measures at work (Golden Rule 1).
  • In order to control the risk of an infection, Vision Zero companies should apply the highest possible standards of environmental and personal hygiene (Golden Rule 2).
  • Once the immediate risk is managed and a company or organisation starts being operational with the new (virus prevention) rules in place, attention should be given to the long-term vision and prevention programmes should be developed in order to ensure a productive working environment, while trying to reduce the risk of an infection to Zero (Golden Rule 3).
  • Organisation is key for a productive working environment; not only in times of crisis, but also in any work-related setting, and this includes the safety, health, and wellbeing aspects of each employee (Golden Rule 4).
  • Machines, equipment and workplaces need to be safe and hygienically clean, so that the possibility of a virus infection is reduced to the minimum. This also includes the provision of personal protective equipment (Golden Rule 5).
  • Employees should be informed of the risks of infections and should understand what they can do to prevent it (Golden Rules 6 and 7)

A list of concrete measures of what can be done by a Vision Zero partner to prevent the spread of the Corona virus can be found here.

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