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Leadership Commitment at the heart of the 2nd Meeting of Danish Vision Zero Council

On 20 January 2020, the Danish Vision Zero Council held a successful 2nd Council meeting, despite the fact that the meeting had to take place online due to Corona. 16 major Danish companies participated in the online meeting, which was staged by Human House managing the agenda and theme for the day: Take leadership – Top management Commitment.

Once again, we confirmed the good collaboration with the Global Vision Zero Council, where Ambassador Hans-Horst Konkolewsky visited the Council meeting and presented Golden Rule 1 (to discuss the critical role of leadership for the development of a safe, healthy and sustainable prevention culture). Mr Konkolewsky also revealed plans for an online conference about “Vision Zero and the Great Reset” on March 17th and 18th, organised by the International ORP Foundation in collaboration with the Global and the Danish Councils.

In addition, we were prominently visited by Christopher Venables, Group Safety Director at Tesco, who presented Tesco´s view on Leadership Commitment and talked about their core principles of prevention.

Finally a founding member of the Danish Vision Zero Council, Nanna Seiberg, Director EHS/Q-EHS at Haldor Topsoe, presented the insight of their preventive work and challenges in Leadership Commitment.

The presentations were followed by lively discussions during which Council members commented and shared their experiences related to Leadership Commitment, which by all was regarded as a critical success factor for promoting safety, health and wellbeing at company level.

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