About the Danish Vision Zero Council

The Danish Vision Zero Council is pleased to welcome you to this new platform for exchange on strategies and practical tools for the development of a prevention culture based on the Vision Zero mind-set.

The Council was established in October 2020 on the initiative of Human House, a leading OSH-consultancy and Vision Zero Partner Organisation, and brings together senior safety and health managers from major businesses in Denmark.

With this platform, we would like to offer companies that have joined the ISSA’s Vision Zero campaign unique national and international networking and learning opportunities. We hope that you find our activities of interest and that you will benefit from exchanges with peers about programmes and activities to improve safety, health and wellbeing at work.

We look forward to accompany you on the successful journey of your company to Vision Zero.



Human House A/S – Director Lars Tornvig
Council Coordinator – Rikke Boisen

Secretariat of the Danish Vision Zero Council
c/o Human House A/S

Rikke Boisen, Council Coordinator
Dynamovej 11, 2th
DK – 2860 Soeborg

E: ribo@humanhouse.com
T: +45 70 10 90 80 · M: +45 93 40 22 00
W: www.humanhouse.com · www.amcentret.dk

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