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Vision Zero Digital: a new word in international communication

In March 2021 we launch Vision Zero Digital – a unique online platform that brings together specialists in the field of occupational safety, health, wellbeing, and environmental protection. This platform is expanding the usual tools of interaction: participants will find unique materials, and networking, personalized personal accounts, chats and voting.

The year 2020 has shown how important it is to stay connected even in isolation. Online events have become a common part of business communication. We give a new turn to this trend by combining two realities.  

Consistency is the key to success and quality growth in any field. The Vision Zero concept itself emphasizes the importance of planning and an integrated approach to addressing occupational health and safety issues.

Vision Zero Digital is a natural continuation of these ideas. We offer specialists and experts in the field of occupational safety and health to combine their knowledge and experience in a completely new format – an online platform. This large-scale international project will be held in two formats in the period from March 2021 to May 2022.

The first stage is online interaction. The flagship of this block will be a special platform for continuous interaction of the global professional community. You will find more than 40 events and interactive sessions in online and face-to-face format throughout the year in six main tracks:

  • Safety and Risk Management – learn about new strategies and get a fresh perspective on occupational health and safety. Together with experts, we will master modern tools that will help reduce the risk of accidents and prevent them with minimal losses.
  • Global Dialogue – participants will have a great opportunity to share their experience in occupational health, industrial safety and environmental protection with the whole world.
  • Environment and sustainable development – experts will tell about the strategies of sustainable business.
  • Culture of health and well-being – together we will study how a healthy working environment affects business efficiency, how to calculate the return on investment for the development of corporate culture, and together with experts we will consider many other practical issues.
  • Human capital – we will discuss how to create a dream team, grow talents, and consider modern ways to motivate and train staff.
  • Digital transformation – let’s see what technologies and innovations have already become the working tools of HSE specialists, how companies implement their digital transformation strategy in different countries, and much more.

All the track materials will be available on the platform in three languages during the entire year.

Each of us is a professional with a whole pool of knowledge, expertise and experience. We give the floor to everyone. That is why Vision Zero Digital is an interactive online platform. Throughout the year, each participant will be able to express themselves: take part in ongoing discussions, group online meetings, exchange contacts, directly share their own experiences, visions and ideas.

The second stage is the offline congress. Final outcome of the series of events will be the Vision Zero Safety Future Congress, which will be held on May 16-18, 2022 in Spain. All participants will be able to meet in person.

You will enjoy live communication and discussion of the most relevant issues, practical exchange of experience, demonstration of advanced technologies and innovative products in the field of occupational safety, health and the environment.

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